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Strategy Lab

Transform the market strategy, the impact, the speed, and how you deliver. With data capabilities of a creative agency plus the cultural analysis of market research, we bring brands closer to their consumers.

Capabilities that scale with your business.

As our tagline states, we build brands for the Now. But, what does that really mean strategically? We start by analyzing attention. To produce creative work that is relevant and impactful, we first need to understand how and where particular people consume content. Ultimately, it’s consumer attention that informs our execution plan.

We then action our learnings via a tight, collaborative trio between STRATEGY, CREATIVE, and MEDIA. We start with rich intelligence, mined by our insights disciplinarians, to provide the creative team with a human-centric, up-to-the-moment understanding of our audience. Then act on that shared understanding of the consumer situation and brand opportunity. And, we execute fluidly, testing and learning to understand what works, with whom, in the context of each platform. It’s an iterative process that allows us to multiply positive outcomes faster, more frequently, and to greater effect.

  • Strategy

    Eazzy Labs believes that a good strategy that is customized will form a solid foundation to help the business plan ahead and reach its goals. Our services include development and design related queries, business analysis and marketing advisory, user onboarding process, and also product testing.

  • Business Analysis

    We help every business formulate a plan that maximizes its full potential in a competitive market. Every company is different when it comes to growth and needs. The specialists at Eazzy Labs will work together with your team to find opportunities and achieve your goals through in-depth research, including technical documentation, technical research, industry analysis, and competitor analysis.

  • Marketing Advisory

    Clients often turn to us to help their business grow after they’ve launched a site or product. Depending on the size, industry, and market of your business, we’re able to provide recommendations and a 6-month marketing plan to see your company succeed post-launch.

  • SEO

    Eazzy Labs has SEO experts that specializes optimizing elements on a website to ensure that your site is properly indexed by search engines and can be easily found by users and potential customers. We can provide strategic SEO solutions to help improve your web presence online.


Benefits that increase productivity, and help your projects achieve new insights.

  • Strategy Roadmap

    Before we begin any project, we provide a detailed roadmap to our clients on various aspects such as tasks, timeline, costs, and foreseeable challenges. By setting clear expectations, our workflow is much smoother and there will be no hidden surprises for our clients.

  • Scalable Solutions

    No two companies will be the same in terms of size and needs. After we complete our extensive business analysis, we’re able to provide your business with scalable solutions to ensure that products are set up in a way that ensures for optimal scalable future business brand development.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Mix

    Having a marketing plan will allow your company to have a more holistic approach to success. You will learn about retaining and attracting new consumers through social media, content, advertising, automations and CRM programs.

  • New Customers

    A comprehensive strategy that includes marketing and SEO will ensure to boost your site traffic and conversion through better content and ranking. Making your site searchable, accessible and appealing, will allow you to attract potential consumers and reach new visitors.


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