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Ecommerce Lab

The Ecommerce department offers full-service, from discovery, strategy, to implementation offerings for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) advertisers.

Capabilities that scale with your business

Our dual sets of knowledge complement each other to create informed, long-game strategies that focus on generating revenue and providing value to our clients’ consumers.

  • Discovery

    Deep exploration of a brand’s existing digital ecosystem including tech stack, operational readiness and revenue sources, design optimization, and customers. We generate projections to help our clients see the big picture, as well as the nuanced mile-markers of their eCommerce business with reports that cover media, product, financials, and customer lifecycle forecasts for 3 years.

  • Marketplace Optimization

    With experience that spans categories such as, Health & Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Clothing and more, consider us your go-to consultants for increasing visibility, conversions, and reviews on the marketplaces most important to your brand—from Jumia top pages to custom solutions for Masoko, Carrefour, and beyond through collaborations and forward creative innovative approaches.

  • CRM Strategy

    Customer Relationship Management has become increasingly important for generating ROI from the customer funnel. We have the strategic, creative, and analytical tools to help launch, grow, and nurture customers to increase their loyalty and action.

  • Revenue Strategy

    With all round expertise in digital and eCommerce consulting we offer a detailed plan that spells out the appropriate mix of media channels to meet your business brand’s revenue goals as well as the creative media expertise to strategically implement it.

  • Infrastructure Development

    From identifying the appropriate selling platform to ensuring backend logistics are structured to support the business, we will create a direct to consumer site that’s optimized for conversion and primed to collect valuable data.

  • Affiliate Strategy

    We evaluate a brand’s current presence and recommend enhancements, or set it up from scratch with the publisher networks that will create a new revenue stream for their business—all while optimizing along the way for growth.


Benefits that increase productivity, and help your projects achieve new insights.

  • Customization

    We take the time to learn about the client’s business and products as each business is different in size, services, and processes. We’re able to give custom solutions in design, UX/UI, and application architecture.

  • Scalability

    We future-proof your e-commerce site to allow for flexibility and changes as your business grows. Eazzy Labs will help your business find the optimal solution that fits within your business strategy, vision, and budget.

  • Big Data Agility

    Eazzy Labs will analyze your data flow and recommend an appropriate third-party system that will allow you to synchronize and track data efficiently across sales, sign ups, shipments, and inbound traffic.

  • Performance & Security

    Our specialists take multiple measures to ensure scalable and reliable server solutions with security in mind to handle your everyday consumers and traffic spikes. We ensure that product pages and checkout process will always load smoothly and quickly.


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