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Smart Lab

Deliver business outcomes with speed, invention, agility and innovation. Developing the most effective innovative marketing solutions, Augmented Reality, Connected Retail, and Smart Experiential.

Capabilities that scale with your business.

EazzySmart is an extension our creative and inventive digital capabilities into the current technological trends. We are a guide through the world of emerging technology, partnering with clients to understand, prioritize, and develop the most effective and innovative marketing solutions. Backed by a network of strategic partnerships with best-in-class technology providers, including Alexa, and Google Assistant, as our developer tool resource, we help clients capitalize on innovative opportunities.

From connected packaging to proximity-based retail programs, we help brands close the crucial final feet from shelf to register and make your most prominent asset – your product itself – a dynamic on-ramp to digital engagement and CRM.

Smart Experiential & AR lab

We create smarter experiential marketing, optimizing for the millions we can engage through innovative live-social integrations rather than the hundreds who might physically pass by an event.

Augmented reality is one of the most important technology trends at this point. It’s extremely important for marketing experts, but most of us don’t fully understand it. To make it clear: this technology adds a virtual layer over your real surroundings. You launch an app and you point your device to a piece of paper or any other real object. The app implements that object into the virtual world. That’s how it works, and it’s absolutely amazing! For businesses, the appeal of augmented reality lays in engagement. The interactive experiences lead users to develop closer relationships with your brand.

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