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Social Media Management

Our social media team deliver results across all of the major social platforms for newly created brands including the well established organizations that need a new spark. From paid campaigns to organic channel audits, we know social inside out.

Our Social Media Toolkit to ensure capabilities that scale with your business.

  • Facebook Ads

    Advertising on Facebook offers organisations the ability to deliver ads on a scale unmatched by other social platforms. Whether it’s building and targeting audience lists for retargeting campaigns or engaging your existing supporters or prospecting activity to bring in a new audience of potential clients, Facebook does it all.

  • Twitter Campaigns

    If you’re not engaging your supporters on Twitter, you’re not part of the conversation. From driving traffic to promoting your latest video content and growing your follower base, we’ll help you establish whether Twitter Ads are right for your campaign goals. With 330 million active users every month, the scope to find your audience on Twitter is vast.

  • LinkedIn Outreach

    With its ability to target by occupation, industry, company size, level of education and beyond, there’s no platform like LinkedIn for talking to people who are browsing in a professional capacity. Whether your campaign is B2B or B2C, we’ll make sure your content is shown to only the most qualified professionals.

  • Instagram Ads

    As part of the Facebook family, Instagram offers organisations highly granular targeting options for visual-based content. It might be at the more niche end of the scale, but if you’ve got the content, we can help you deliver amazing results aimed at a younger, millennial demographic.

  • Remarketing

    Reaching warm audiences of users who have previously interacted with you is a great way of focusing budget and effort on audiences who are already ready to engage with your organisation. We’ll build remarketing audiences on all the major social platforms to give you the flexibility to show tailored ads to people at the right moment: from Facebook users who signed up to your mailing list in the last 90 days, to LinkedIn users who recently viewed key blog content.

  • Social Media Strategy

    “Doing social” well isn’t straightforward. How often should you be posting? Should you be active on every social platform? What content works best? Defining and establishing a social media strategy is critical in ensuring the success of any activity (paid or organic) you chose to run on social channels. Our audits and ongoing support look at how you currently use each channel, and typically cover: content analysis, channel strategy, channel setup, competitor analysis and much more.


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